Gold Mining Investment Opportunities

Gold Mining Investment Opportunities

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7 ways to invest in gold mining companies?

There are 7 recommended ways to invest into gold mining companies and and take the advantage of gold mining investment opportunities.

Open up your own gold mining company

Yes, it is quite possible to open up your own gold mining company. You may engage yourself directly into the active and physical gold mining.

The investment opportunity to invest into your own gold mining company is today open to individuals and businesses worldwide.

While gold mining is often regarded as capital demanding business in Western countries the opportunities in developing countries allow the foreign investors to open up their own gold mining company with excellent returns on investments.

The US based company Start Your Own Gold Mine in partnership with GOLDIVANTI LP has developed a practical business program, and tactical plan, with all the necessary details and resources required, so that any individual in the world may start their own gold mine and this already with the amount of US $22,000 or US $66,000 and with all the necessary resources required for such small gold mining startup.

There is of course nothing preventing your own gold mining company to grow into a public company or to expand and produce even one tonne of gold per month.

That is exactly the same way and path how largest gold companies have begun their own gold mining business.

The company offers resources that you would not be otherwise able to obtain for the fixed capital amount that you are investing in your own startup.

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Delegate the management of your own gold mining company

Quite lucrative and passive opportunity for investment in gold mining is the delegation of management of all the mining business to those who are developing it since years.

Once you have understood that your own gold mining company may own a profitable and gold bearing mining site, you may decide to completely delegate the management of such business to the same people who are engaged in exploration and development of those mining sites.

Delegating the management is a skill and requires knowledge, as your assurance in delegation is according to my experience, very low.

Any investment into gold mining activities is a risky investment.

You may wish to avoid the risks by understanding what actions and measures are preventing the risks of investments.

Once you have finished your review and you understand that competent managers exist who may run the gold mining production, you may decide to delegate your investment and simply enjoy the results of the opportunity.

Your profits from such gold mining investment may be limited up to 20% to 30% of the income from gold sales when management is delegated to the partnership and organization of GOLDIVANTI LP and Start Your Own Gold Mine.

Keep in mind that income of the business is not the same as income from gold sales.

The income of the business is calculated as the full income on the end of the year minus the business expenses.

The amount of 20% to 30% of gold sales may be repeated multiple times per year and your overall profit may be considerable.

Invest directly into gold mining company as a partner

When you are not able to open up your own gold mining company yourself, you may decide to join as the investment partner to some of the promising gold mining projects.

Small and emerging gold mining projects may expand into valuable and profitable future gold mining companies.

Taking your stake in times of the development of the mining site is your best chance to enjoy the future profits.

There are multitudes of gold mining companies in the world and opportunities are there, you just need to watch and choose.

You should make your own observation based on the analysis of the business planning, the business management, organization, long and short term goals, the time required for return of the investment and financial factors.

You should also make sure that the gold mining company actually have the gold bearing ores available and enough of it to gain the expected and wanted profit on your investment.

Sign up contracts for the wholesale purchase of gold stock

What you probably don't know is that mining companies are financed by their investors, and purchase of the company stock and by future and forward contract sales of the gold production.

Instead of simply "investing into gold" by purchasing physical and ready gold bullion it is smarter to invest into companies who produce the gold and its products.

That way you are directly or indirectly financing the actual development of the mining opportunity and enjoying the results of the future gold sales.

Gold mining the true creation of wealth.

By simply exchanging your money for the ready made asset, you have not created any new wealth.

One way of generating wealth is the actual mining of minerals. Investment into a company that mines minerals is the investment into the creation of new wealth.

Sales of such proceeding result in profits for the investor.

The type of such contract is well known as commodity forward purchase agreement or also known as prepaid gold forward sales contract.

The gold mining producer is giving an opportunity to the investor to obtain the gold sold at a discounted rate to the buyer in exchange for the mining development and production cost.

Thus the gold buyer agrees to buy gold from a gold mining company in exchange for the upfront payment. It is very similar to the lending operation yet there are no interest rates involved.

The gold mining company may be obligated to deliver the gold at monthly intervals over the specified term of time.

The quantities of gold may be organized to steadily increase by the ratio of the gold mining development and production of gold on the gold mining site.

Visit the Goldivanti® Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract information and description and find out how you may engage in that lucrative investment opportunity.

Provide the mining equipment and machinery to mining company

When you wish to have better control over your investment, you may organize and provide the mining machinery and equipment to producing gold mining companies.

By doing so, you may retain the ownership control over the machinery and in some form of investment contract such as partnership or joint-venture you may have the full security and supervision over such equipment and interest in profits from gold mining production.

You may send your supervisors or managers to control such an investment in form of mining assets or equipment.

That is an opportunity open to many investors and requires little bit more than the armchair type of the investment.

Invest into the stock of gold mining companies

The investment into the stocks of gold mining companies is probably the most common investment opportunity. It is also well known and available on stock markets worldwide.

This is not our recommended method of investing.

Just ask yourself: is it better having your own gold mining company? Or investing into the gold mining companies that are not your own?

It is certainly not possible for small investor with US $10000 to open up their own gold mining company.

In that case direct partnerships or joint ventures with the existing mining companies are considered, from our side, better option, then investments into gold mining stock on long-term with companies which you cannot visit and see what they are doing and which gives peanuts of the profits in exchange for your investment.

Sample companies offering opportunities to invest in their stocks as Randgold Resources Limited, then the Barrick Gold Corporation and Goldcorp Inc..

Invest into gold minerals processing sites

The basic factors prior to the investment in gold mining companies is to make sure that:

  1. The gold mining company has the available gold bearing ores. In all large scale mining operations this process may take several years and multiple millions of dollars. The company has to have control over the mining sites.

  2. That the company is managed and organized by well accepted international standards and is able to produce the gold, it also means that is must posses or have control over mining equipment and other necessary resources.

And what if you can simply skip the step of exploration and making sure of control over the mining site?

That is possible by investment into the opportunities of gold minerals processing.

There are many areas in the world where the gold bearing ore is found in abundance and may be provided by multiple surrounding mining sites.

Such minerals may then be processed on the gold mineral processing sites.

Companies engaged in mineral processing need not own or have a control over the mining site, when there is an abundance of gold bearing ores.

With the abundance of gold bearing ores, the investment into the mineral processing sites is connected to less risks and does not involve the exploration or prospecting process.

The increase of mining equipment necessary to process minerals is then directly resulting with the gold production and profits.

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